Just a boring screen to login. Uses normal un/pw for that person

This would basically just be admin.php without an active login cookie.

Only the realms for with the user is an admin will appear in the list. I'd also like to have some sort of message system. So that a player can send a complaint/rulebreaking notice/etc to the admin for a given realm. A message system can wait, though an admin should be able to be sent a message via email.

Basically this is admin.php for someone with a login cookie.

This would be something like admin.php?realm=green

This is a list of players from the selected realm. each is a link. The whole thing should be an unordered list enclosed in a div. IE:

<div class="adminList>
    <li><a href="admin.php?realm=green&playerID=7">Abdul</a></li>
    <li><a href="admin.php?realm=green&playerID=2">Bob The Bold</a></li>
    <li><a href="admin.php?realm=green&playerID=10">Barry The Brazen</a></li>
    <li><a href="admin.php?realm=green&playerID=5">Catspawn</a></li>
    <li><a href="admin.php?realm=green&playerID=8">Etc...</a></li>

This is basically what shows when you are at admin.php?realm=green&playerID=X

This shows a character's current stats (uneditable)

It also allows for session viewing. Each date is a link to the corresponding session. I don't know how you want to do that.

Under than are buttons that will automate punishment. The reason must be filled in, and greater than, say... 20 characters or it won't allow it.

The database should keep track of how many of each type of punishment a player recieves. THis is because there are several tiers of punishment.

When a punishment is made, I'd like it to automatically send an email to me and to the punished player (whose email is hopefully up-to-date.. we should come up with a system so that players can change their emails or what not. The email should containe a description of the punishment, a reminder to review the rules, and the reason the admin entered into the box, as well as the admin's name (admin's name should be their Forum Name, I guess).

It can also addd a general punishment description to the player's in-game mail, along with the name of the admin who punished.


Camping: All punishments are deletions.

Duelkilling: 1. Exp Penalty, 2. Level Reset, 3+. Deletion

Cloning: All punishments are deletions.

Teamplay: 1. Level Reset, 2+ Deletion

Bug Exploit: This will only ever email me the player name, realm, reasoning. I'll handle these. Admins will be advised when they sign up that the reason should also contain a suggested punishment.


Exp Penalty: Player Level= Player Level -1. Max Hp = Maximum for the new level. Str = Base Str for the new level + Weapon Strength. Def = Base Def for the new level + Armor Defense.

Level Reset: Player Level = 1. Wins/Dragon Kills is lowered by one if nonzero. Str = 10. Def = 10. Armor Num = 1, Name= Coat. Weapon Num = 1, Name = Stick. Max HP = 20. Gold in bank = 500. Gold in hand = 0. Exp = 10. Skill points (not uses) are then lowered by number of levels lost. Sorta. I have an algorithm for this, but this paragraph is getting huge. I'll tell you about it elsewhere.

Deletion: Character ande Login Name = X.


Skill Point Loss: Total Skill Points to Loss = 11 If a dragon kill was substracted (ie: originally nonzero. Added to these 11 skill points is the player's original (pre-punishment) level minus one. So if a player was level 8 with 2 dragoon kills before the punishment, he or she will lose 11+(8-1) = 18 skill points. Skill points will first be taken from Mystical Skills, then Thief Skills, then Death Knight Skills.

THese should be enclosed in divs, etc as follows:

<div class="playerEdit">
  <div class="playerStats">
    <table>Player Stats stuff goes here using table tags, etc.</table>
  <div class="playerSessions">
    <table>the table of sessions.</table>
  <div class="punishments">
    [insert stuff here for the punishments section]

The reason for the structures I mentioned is so that I can easily use some spiffy css and make them look nice arbitrarily.